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    Charles Dickens was a British writer. He was born on February 7th, 1812, in Portsmouth, England. His Parents were John and Elisabeth Dickens. His father was a clerk in the Navy.

    He married Catherine Hogarth and they had 10 children.

    When he was a child (in his childhood) his family was imprisoned so he had to live alone and stop school. That’s why started working early.

    He wrote many popular novels such as Oliver Twist in 1837.

    He died on June 9th 1870 and was buried in Westminster.


    Watch the life of Charles Dickens video (BBC)


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    The movie was released on October 7th 2005. Roman Polanski is the movie director. / RP directed the movie.

    The novel was published in 1938 and was written by Charles Dickens.

    The screenplay was written by Ronald Harwood.

    The movie is 130 minutes long. It is a drama.

    The scene takes place in the 19th century. OliverTwist is 9 years old, he is an orphan (he doesn’t have parents)



    The movie was released on October 7th 2005. It was directed by Roman Polanski. The screenplay was written by Ronald Hardwood. The movie is a 130 minutes long drama. It was nominated three times for the awards.

    The novel was written by Charles Dickens and published in

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